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23 Jun

Daftar Midtrans Lebih Cepat dengan WhatsApp Onboarding


by Admin


In the current era of the industrial revolution 4.0 nowadays, digitalization has become important for business owners. One of the process of digitalization that is commonly applied in the financial industry is in the onbarding process.

In the banking industry, onboarding refers to the process in applying for an account through website or application. Here at Midtrans, we also provide a digital onboarding experience for our merchants through the Midtrans Passport.

However, not all business owners are comfortable in completing their account registration process through our website. Therefore, Midtrans has recently launched a new feature that enables business owners to complete their onboarding process through WhatsApp. 

As of now, our WhatsApp onboarding feature are only available for individual businesses or online stores. Meanwhile, businesses in the form of enterprises still needs to complete the onboarding through Midtrans Passport.

Through WhatsApp Onboarding, the registration process for Midtrans can now be done easily and conveniently. 

If previously you were only able to complete the onboarding process by submitting the required documents though the Midtrans website, now you are able to activate Bank Transfer (consisting of BRI VA, BNI VA, Permata VA & Mandiri Bill), GoPay, and QRIS with only your National Identity Card through WhatsApp.


WhatsApp onboarding process

  1. Greet us on our official Midtrans WhatsApp at gjk.id/whatsappregmidtrans

  2. Prepare your National Identity Card (KTP), Email, Business Information, and Bank Account Information for registration purposes. 

  3. Proceed to follow the steps as instructed bby the Bot. 

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