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Save time with auto texts

Most customers ask the same few questions over and over again. With auto text, you can save your responses and retrieve them with short words.

Save your servicing time without reducing customer satisfaction.

Calculate delivery costs automatically

Quoting delivery charges is easy and fast. You can quote your customer with a few clicks, without leaving your chat app.

Choose from logistics companies such as GoSend, JNE, SiCepat, J&T, Wahana, and POS Indonesia. Their APIs are integrated into Selly, so you can be sure that the delivery charges are accurate.

Request for GoSend deliveries

  • Order for pick-ups by GoSend within Selly

  • Make bulk GoSend orders when you need to send multiple packages

  • Use GoSend services now and pay the charges at the end of the month

Other features

Generate invoice and shipping labels

Create invoice and labels with purchase details quickly without leaving your chat app. Easily copy paste customer details from chat to reduce inaccuracies.

Sales report

Monitor your business easily by viewing your sales reports. Access your reports on the dashboard and email it to yourself or your team for reconciliation.

Payment reminders

Remind customers with outstanding payments with a few clicks. Speed up your sales process and reduce missed transactions easily.

Hear from our clients



Thank you, Selly for making it easy for us to remind customers to pay with just a single click. The app gives us convenience and is easy to use.

Checking delivery charges is quick from the keyboard. Selly's transaction report shows which customers haven't paid and which packages need to be shipped. Those that haven't paid can be reminded with Selly's help. It's so easy: click, click, click and done! Thanks!



Since using Selly, reporting and reconciliations are so easy. After invoicing, all of Artea's transactions are automatically recorded in Selly's dashboard. Replying customer's questions are also easy with auto text. Thanks, Selly!



Selly is so awesome! It's very helpful for online businesses in transaction recording and invoice creation and calculating delivery charges. It also has auto texts. The most helpful thing is transaction reminders for completed payments and sent packages. No more manual reminders.

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Selly's keyboard can be used on any phone applications. Selly's invoicing, reminder and delivery charge calculation are accessible on chat apps in WhatsApp, Line, Line@ and Instagram.

Selly does not store any data typed on the keyboard