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Payment Solutions for Enterprises

  • Looking to process high volumes of transactions with better efficiency, automation and reliability
  • Most transactions done on websites, apps, and in-store (omnichannel)
  • Experienced with using payment gateway and looking for payment solutions with scale

End-to-end payment solutions

You can accept 24 payment methods: credit/debit cards, bank transfers, e-Wallets, and many more.

  • Accept subscription payments easily

  • Accept installment options

  • Store payment information for better customer experience and faster payments

If you have payment acceptance at your physical stores, we provide offline payment acceptance solutions as well.

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Send payments in bulk easily

Businesses need to make a lot of payouts and disbursements frequently. Our Payouts platform lets you make bulk payments in a flash.

Refunds, payroll, commissions, incentives, and other payments - you can do it all by simply uploading a file.

Save your time and money with our cutting edge features:

  • Payments to all banks in Indonesia

  • Real-time transactions

  • Automatic recurring payments

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Built for power users

Highly customizable API of Midtrans will help your enterprise to scale at large.

Processing a high volume of transactions come with different challenges for different companies. That’s why we provide a dedicated team to support enterprises.

  • Refund API

  • Customize fraud-detection rules

  • Comprehensive API docs with plenty of sample codes

  • Web API and Native Mobile SDK to cover end-to-end payment needs

High safeguard measures

Advanced fraud-detection

Our fraud-detection system combines AI, machine learning, and complex rules to protect your transactions. Save time and money so you could focus on growing your business.


All sensitive data that goes through our system, like credit card details, are substituted with non-sensitive tokens. This ensures that all sensitive information is safe.

Customize fraud-detection rules

Enterprises with specific needs can request to implement additional fraud-detection rules in our algorithm.

Security at Midtrans >

Bank Indonesia

Licensed by Bank Indonesia

AES 256

Advanced Encryption Standard


Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard

ISO 27001

ISO/IEC 27001 is an information security standard

Scale efficiently

The best companies in Indonesia trust Midtrans

In-Store payments

Moka and Gobiz provide Point of Sales system as well as other in-store payment solutions

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Merchant financing

Our financing partners offer business loans at competitive rates. Applications are online, and the approval is faster than most bank loans.

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Hear from our clients

Emilia Susanti Herlambang

SVP of Strategic Operations - Blibli

Midtrans is an excellent, well-managed payment gateway. With the seamless payment integration and fraud detection platform, Midtrans helps Blibli to provide the best payment experience for our customers.

Rahelyna Mairing

VP Finance - Kitabisa

Realtime, Reliable, efficient and secure process. Not only offer a brilliant platform but Midtrans also proactive in performing development, providing ongoing support and offered insight into merchant solutions that have helped our business grow.

Arvin Gotama

Operations Manager of Ecommerce Division - Ranch Market

We can attest that Midtrans is helpful and very responsive in serving us. Their product is stable and integrations are easy and straight-forward.

In addition to that, customers get to choose from many payment options. Since using Midtrans, we don't have to deal with over and underpayments anymore.

Adya Danaditya

Product Manager & Product Team Lead - KompasGramedia

In our efforts to automate payments process throughout the Kompas Gramedia group, a reliable BCA bank transfer method is an urgent need for both our customers and our business partners. Midtrans has since enabled us to do it in a very short time and in the short weeks since it is live we have improved our checkout conversion by over 20%.


Setting up is free, and we only charge for successful transactions.

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Online Payments

Get paid online easily. Your buyers get to choose from 24 payment methods.

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