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Flexibility in disbursing your funds

With a network of over 100 banks, you have flexibility in making your disbursement destination real time with no delay.

  • All bank accounts in Indonesia
  • e-Wallets

Transparent pricing

No hidden or any set-up costs. Pay a flat per disbursement fee as you go.

Disburse to multiple recipients in a few clicks

Make payments in bulk to multiple recipients through our web-accessible dashboard.

Real-time payments

Disbursements are processed in real-time to ensure payments to your customers can be made without delays.

Easy to integrate and use

Our platform is designed for your convenience. Payments can be made through our web-based dashboard or our API.

Reconciliation is easy too since all completed and ongoing transactions can be viewed on the dashboard.

  • Compatible with any system

  • Automatic recurring payments

  • Complete and updated API documents

Multiple security measures

  • Bank account validation for every transaction. Input your recipient’s phone number or bank account number, and our system will verify the account holder’s accounts. This prevents payment errors.
  • Two kinds of user permissions: both creator and approver are needed to complete transactions. This system is designed to reduce internal frauds.
  • Bank-grade security features to ensure safety. You can opt for 2-factor authentication and one-time passwords (OTP) to ensure that each transaction is secure.
  • Accounts screening: Our systems runs recipient accounts to identify red flags linked to the account.

Send payments efficiently

We help businesses make payments easier and faster. Some example uses of our system:

  • Refunds
  • Disburse loans
  • Vendor/supplier payments
  • Incentives and commissions

Trusted by industry leaders

  • Marketplace
  • Fintech
  • Gaming
  • Fashion
  • Education
  • Logistic


Our API enables seamless integrations to any systems. Automate your payment and reduce manual work for your disbursement needs through API integration with our platform.

Web access

Make payments without any integrations from our web-based dashboard. Make your payments from any location 24/7.

Hear from our merchants

Muh Erilo Giovani Putra

IT Business Partner Manager for Commercial System - Frisian Flag

We use Midtrans because their APIs are established and flexible - companies can customize it based on their needs. In addition to that, midtrans accepts payments from all banks in Indonesia.

We love the platform because making payments through Midtrans means all transactions are tracable, transparent and secure. This will help us to grow sustainably.

Reanes Putra

Business Development - Waste4Change

Midtrans offers payout solutions with no limitations on destination bank accounts and with no minimum transaction amount. This helps our organization, especially because it lets our operations team disburse payments in small amounts.

Putri Fitria

VP of User Acquisition - PT PG Berjangka

I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that you guys do a really good job. We are glad we decided to work with you. It’s really great how Midtrans makes it easy for us to process our customers' disbursements. The process is much faster now and we love that the dashboard has validation feature for customer account numbers. Thank you, guys!

Tech docs

Our API and plug-ins play well with platforms from PHP, Shopify, Sirclo, WooCommerce, to Android, and many more.

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Setting up is free, and we only charge for successful transactions.

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We will process your payments in real-time after we received payment instruction from you.

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