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Why Midtrans?


We Create Value

In Midtrans, we believe we work for a purpose. We inhale every problem we come across and we create value that bring serious impacts to businesses. We brainstorm, we create, we innovate, and we repeat this cycle endlessly.


Focus on mission

Our mission is to be the most solid payment infrastructure for Indonesian online Commerce scene, and we need just the right people to achieve it.


Talented team

Our team is comprised of the best and brightest talents around the globe, hailing from universities such as Harvard, Northwestern, UBC, Mel U, ITB, UI, and UGM. We combine diverse backgrounds that we believe produce the most dynamic team composition possible.

Here are the less-serious more-fun benefits everyone is getting at Midtrans.

  • Weekly birthday celebration
  • Semi flexible working hours
  • Spacious working space
  • Annual out-of-town outing
  • After-office sport activities, including futsal, yoga and kickboxing
  • Three (yes, three) types of medical coverage
  • Three months paid maternity leave plus three extra months
  • Annual Medical Checkup
  • Playstation 4 and games at the office
  • Monthly internal event including movie night with your +1
  • FREE food, free food, free food and more free food

Join our Infrastructure team

Scale Our Services

Help to scale our products to meet the ever-growing demand for online payments while maintaining the world reliability standards as the premier leader in the industry.

    Join our Development team

    We build great, secure products

    The sole goal for the team is to only and only focus on developing a variety of products and features that cater the needs for all merchant clients in the hyper-growth of eCommerce industry in Indonesia.

      Join our Security & Compliance team

      Secure our system

      Midtrans is proud to be a tech company with utmost importance in security. Complying to the requirements and the specs will be the everyday task for the team, making sure every detail has adhered to the global industry standards.

        Join our Business team

        Grow our business

        Our Operations, Support, and Business teams are here to ensure that our merchant clients get the most prompt responses for all the tailored needs they must have for their businesses.