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Payment Solutions for Growing Businesses

  • Focused on growth and automating business processes
  • Most transactions done on mobile apps or websites
  • Familiar with payment gateways and looking for more powerful solutions

Let your buyers pay with ease

You can accept 24 payment methods: credit/debit cards, bank transfers, e-Wallets, and many more.

  • Accept subscription payments easily

  • Accept installment options

  • Store payment information for better customer experience and faster payments

If you have payment acceptance at your physical stores, we provide offline payment acceptance solutions as well.

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Easy integrations

We built our product with your developers in mind - most developers find our product incredibly simple to integrate.

  • Instant onboarding
  • Choose from Plug-Ins and Mobile SDK
  • Complete and up-to-date API documents
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Payment Link

Payment Link lets you accept payments even if you don’t have any website or social media accounts.

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Compatible with all devices and browsers. Our built-in pop-up checkout page (SNAP) lets your buyers pay seamlessly.

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Our plugins and native mobile SDK are compatible with iOS and Android.

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Core API

Fully customize your payment page to provide a seamless customer experience.

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Send payments quickly

Businesses need to make a lot of payouts and disbursements frequently. Our Payouts platform lets you make bulk payments in a flash.

Refunds, payroll, commissions, incentives, and other payments - you can do it all by simply uploading a file.

Save your time and money with our cutting edge features:

  • Payments to all banks in Indonesia 

  • Real-time transactions

  • Automatic recurring payments

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Streamline your payments

Dashboard for multiple users

Many team members can access your Dashboard to track transactions. Your operations team will not need to check with finance manually.

Get actionable customer insights

Use insights from your dashboard to supercharge your marketing efforts. Create effective promotions and see your revenue grow.

Reduce frauds

We apply best-in-class fraud detection technologies to protect your transactions and data. Our analysts combine AI, machine learning, and complex rules to assess each transaction and its risks. This ensures you enjoy increased revenue from more approved transactions effortlessly.

Scale faster

We partner with reputable companies and experts to help you grow your business

Merchant financing

Our financing partners offer business loans at competitive rates. Applications are online, and the approval process is faster than most bank loans.

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Tech support

If you need technical or integration help, we can refer you to some excellent developers. These professionals are experts in integrating Midtrans, and they have been vetted rigorously.

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Hear from our clients

Fajar Wahyu Mulyanto

E-Commerce Div. Head - AEON Store

When COVID-19 demanded us to improvise, user-friendliness and speed of transition became our priorities. Midtrans' Payment Link allows us to achieve both at the same time.

Rita Ahadiana

Operations Manager - Akulaku

Akulaku uses Midtrans to disburse loans to our merchants. Their team always gives us the best service for our merchants. This is crucial because merchants are important to our business.

Midtrans' customer service is excellent, from technical issues to when Akulaku encounters other problems.

Amalia Hidayati

Finance Senior Internal Control - MOKA

Midtrans improves our business ecosystem, as we only need to upload one file with thousands of payout transactions. On addition, all payments can be completed in real-time.

Rahelyna Mairing

VP Finance - Kitabisa

Realtime, Reliable, efficient and secure process. Not only offer a brilliant platform but Midtrans also proactive in performing development, providing ongoing support and offered insight into merchant solutions that have helped our business grow.


Setting up is free, and we only charge for successful transactions.

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Online Payments

Get paid online easily. Your buyers get to choose from 24 payment methods.

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