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Payment Solutions for Startups & Early Businesses

  • Business started in the last 12 months
  • Most transactions done via texts or websites
  • Exploring payment solutions for the first time

Accept payments from everywhere, easily

With us, you can accept payments from 24 payment methods: credit/debit cards, bank transfers, e-Wallets, etc.

You can activate only certain payment methods or all - it’s really up to you.

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How it works

Depending on your needs, you can accept payment through Payment Link or your website

1. Sign up and create an account

Setting up is easy. Click the "Get started free" button and you’re on your way.

2. Integration

Choose from our integration options: built-in checkout page (SNAP Web) or checkout pop-up box (SNAP Pop-up). Midtrans is compatible with many platforms from WordPress, Shopify, Sirclo, and many more.

3. Start accepting payments

Your customers can complete their payments on your website.

4. Real-time notifications

You’ll get a real-time confirmation once the payment is completed.

Reconcile easily

Payments made through Midtrans can be monitored easily in a single dashboard.

Tracking transactions and reconciliation are easy, as the platform records every single transaction. Say goodbye to manual checking.

  • Easy to use
  • Available on mobile apps and web
  • Add multiple team members to the dashboard

Reduce fraudulent transactions

Small and medium businesses are often targets for scammers. Our fraud-detection system blocks these fraudsters - their transactions will be rejected.

We are licensed by Bank Indonesia and PCI-DSS.

Security at Midtrans >

Bank Indonesia

Licensed by Bank Indonesia

AES 256

Advanced Encryption Standard


Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard

ISO 27001

ISO/IEC 27001 is an information security standard

Power up your business

We partner with reputable companies and technology experts to help you grow your business.

Logistics and admin assistance

Selling online can be troublesome. 

Selly lets you create invoice, estimate delivery charges, send canned responses and accept payments, all without leaving your keyboard.

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Tech Support

If you need technical or integration help, we can refer you to some excellent developers.

These professionals are experts in integrating Midtrans and they have been vetted rigorously.

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Hear from our clients

Maulana Syahiduzzman,MM

Owner - Rumah Maulina

With Midtrans, accepting payments is secure and easy. Using it has helped our business very much. The ease of payments has increased customer loyalty.

David Aryadi

Director -

Midtrans has been helpful and very responsive in handling our 99 Virtual Race. Since using Midtrans, payments are much more convenient. Our workload is lighter too, because we don't need to check and reconcile payments manually. Their Payment Link also adds flexibility to our payment needs.


Setting up is free, and we only charge for successful transactions.

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Online Payments

Get paid online easily. Your buyers get to choose from 24 payment methods.

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