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Best of both worlds

Aegis, our fraud detection system, is built on a combination of machine learning and complex rules added by our analysts.

Machine learning is extremely efficient, but sometimes, interpretability can be a problem. That’s why we combine it with a rule-based system.

This hybrid approach combines the best of both worlds to give us the optimal safeguard.

Numerical strength

Our machine learning and rule-based systems train on millions of fraudulent transaction data amassed from various sources.

These highly relevant signals come from principals, banks, payment providers, financial partners, fraud honeypots, and many other sources.

Even if an email address is new to Midtrans, chances are, that email has been reported in our partners' network. This lets Aegis block suspicious networks from doing transactions.

Screening every single transaction

Aegis is automatically built-in to our product, so you can be confident that your transactions are secure.

Our fraud detection system analyzes every single transaction, not just a sample of your records. Rest assured, all of your transactions are safe with us.

Customizable for your business

We know that each business has different needs. That’s why we have designed Aegis to be flexible.

Your team can request our risk analysts to assess and include custom rules that may be specific to your business to the system.

You can also put verified customers to allow lists/white list to ensure smooth transactions in the future.

Designed especially for e-commerce

We built Aegis in-house, from the ground up with a specific function: to detect frauds in e-commerce transactions.

This is important because this specificity makes Aegis superior to third-party systems designed for more generic uses.

Aegis is built into Midtrans.
Every transaction is screened.