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10 Jan

Pelican Announces New Payment System

Veritrans Indonesia

by Veritrans Indonesia


Pelican Hotel Solutions has formed a partnership with Veritrans Indonesia to provide a secure, reliable, and direct online payment gateway solution designed specifically for the requirements of hotels operating in Indonesia.

Online payment is a major concern for e-Commerce operations in Indonesia. Hotels without an off-shore bank account often face major hurdles in setting up facilities to accept, process, and confirm payments for online bookings. In many cases, deposit payments must be processed manually, a time- and resource-consuming process that negates the advantages of instant, automated online reservations.

"We are looking forward to work together with Pelican Hotel Solutions to offer safe and secure transactions.” said Ryu Kawano Suliawan, CEO of Veritrans Indonesia. “With this partnership, we hope to provide a simplified solution for customers to complete online reservations conveniently."

Pelican's partnership with Veritrans Indonesia will provide users of the Pelican Booking Engine with a transparent system to accept and verify online payments. Through a secure connection to the hotel's bank, payments for bookings are processed immediately and the hotel account is credited within seconds, ready for confirmation via the hotel's own e-banking applications. No additional hardware or software is required.

“This partnership represents our commitment to continuously provide optimal solutions to our client’s requirements.” said Hartono Liman, CEO of Pelican Hotel Solutions. “We believe that this cooperation will be of great use to our growing base of clients in Indonesia.”

For more information please contact: info@pelicansolution.com

About Pelican Hotel Solutions

Pelican Hotel Solutions is an Internet-focused technology and services company providing reservation systems, distribution connectivity and comprehensive e-commerce solutions for the hospitality industry. Established in 2000 as a hotel-booking engine provider, Pelican has evolved into a complete e-commerce solutions provider focused on meeting the unique and varied requirements of the international hospitality and related industries. Pelican Hotel Solutions is an American-registered company headquartered in Los Angeles, with offices in Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Mexico and Europe.