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29 Aug

Sirclo: A Simple Solution to Build your Own eCommerce Website

Veritrans Indonesia

by Veritrans Indonesia


Hello everyone! August is over. This time the topic is about building your own ecommerce website which may be useful for those of you who plan to build online store in the future.

As it is generally known that recently, ecommerce grows rapidly resulting in more and more startups want to follow the trend. A lot of businesses are interested in having e-commerce websites, whether to supplement existing stores or to launch brand new stores. However, building an ecommerce website is not that easy. In the past, creating website involved tedious tasks that many company didn’t have time for, like setting up a server. Over the past few years, western startups such as Squarespace and Strikingly have already helped people that have no coding background to build their own sites, but that kind of companies were rare in Indonesia.

Sirclo is one of those startups in Indonesia that aiming at helping ecommerce companies creating websites. Sirclo provides a straightforward way to set up a store. People can easily sign up, pick a name, and choose a theme in less than two minutes. The price for setting up a store is relatively cheap, starting from Rp. 99,000 to Rp 1.75 million per month. As the packages get more expensive, an increase in storage and features are offered.

Sirclo’s most basic package is priced a bit more expensive than that of its competitor, but in return they offer a 30-day free trial for all of its packages. Unfortunately, none of Sirclo’s packages let their users pick a custom domain for their shop. Sirclo’s theme selection is also limited, but all the themes whether it’s free or premium, are all aesthetically pleasing and designed with attention to detail. Sirclo has designed their website with admin panel that are easy to navigate with clearly labeled options and features which make visitors easy to make their own websites.

For ecommerce websites, adding new products to the website is as easy as posting new blog post on WordPress. All fields are clearly labeled and have question marks next to them, so when it is hovered over, the details about that specific field will automatically appear. All of these features makes the website by Sirclo easy to be implemented. In case when people get stuck when using Sirclo, their customer support team is always available to be contacted via email or internet messenger.