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25 Jul

Traveloka Officially Launches Hotel Reservation

Veritrans Indonesia

by Veritrans Indonesia


Hello everyone! I think everyone is already in holiday mood today since IdulFitri holiday is next week. Anyway, this time, this article will discuss an expansion done by our biggest customer, Traveloka.

Traveloka that usually only provide flight ticket reservation now officially expand their business to hotel room reservation. Although Traveloka Hotels is still new, they are ready to serve hotel room order in 350 thousands hotels in Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia. Moreover, Traveloka also announces an increasing in sales 17.7% per month along first semester of 2014.

In their press release, Ferry Unardi, Managing Director of Traveloka said “Business growth of Traveloka in the first semester of 2014 is quite stable and we are happy to announce that our growth is beyond our expectation in early 2014. Traveloka began flight ticket sales in April 2013 and now, we serve 250,000 reservation per day on average. Compared to total tiket sales in second quarter of 2013, total ticket sales in second quarter of 2014 increase about 544%. This is a big achievement for Traveloka”. Up until now, Traveloka often do marketing partnerships together with BNI, Standard Chartered Bank, ANZ, Bank Mega, Visa, and Blitz Megaplex.

Through an interview last March, Ferry said that regarding business expansion in hotel room reservation, there is still no local player in this segment that can compete with Agoda up until now and it is expected that Traveloka could become serious rival for Agoda in the near future. Traveloka also predicts positive trends in travel industries in Indonesia until the end of 2014. However, that trend also get little changes due to outcome from 2014 election and government plan to reduce fuel subsidies which definitely will increase the price of goods, consumer purchasing power and consumer spending allocation.

Regarding Traveloka Hotels, the web display is exactly similar to browsing menu for flight ticket reservation. After entering the name of the hotel or city, we will be offered with the choice that we want. In several hotels, it is also displayed nearest recreation objects, hotel rating and total review that came in although it cannot be seen the detail descriptions and where the review came from. We are still on progress regarding those detail thingy.

In general, display detail of each hotel is quite complete including location, hotel descriptions, facilities and requirements that valid. Since Traveloka Hotels is still in their early stages, the hotel reservation fee is still free. Several things that still cannot be obtained in the web display is inability to zoom hotel room picture to see hotel room condition in more detail. In several hotel, they don’t even have any display picture. However, up until now, Traveloka is known as online hotel reservation with cheapest price.