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12 Dec

Publication Become an Essential Step for Every Application Developer

Veritrans Indonesia

by Veritrans Indonesia


Hi all! Happy friday and happy shopping! Today is National Online Shopping Day (HarBolNas), so get your favorite fashion apparel or book your flight ticket today at a discounted rate in our merchants' website. And as usual, our article today is still around eCommerce.

Mobility of information in this digitalization era became much easier with the presence of smartphone technology. Undeniably, this mobility could highly stimulate human performance and with the support from mobile application, this mobility become more realistic in daily implementation.

Potential success which is promised by application industry is quite great to be utilized. In brief, billions of applications which are created not only will help human performance, but also raise new confusions whether the application used is the most suitable one or not. The thing is, there are possibility that among those applications, there will be applications whose functions are similar to each other.

Although having similar functions, this does not cease the responsibility of the developer to offer functions that are more segmented. For example, a simple photography application is impossible to be targeted to expert photographers, while advanced photography applications is impossible to be targeted to newbie or girls that like to do selfie. Due to the distinguishable segments, the applications are not competing with each other since they have different targets. In this case, smartphone users who failed in finding the most suitable application for them is the one who is disadvantaged.

From application developers point of view, having a brilliant idea is great, but with only idea as an asset, it is not enough to develop an application. One thing that is most important in developing an application, is market research in order to know how necessary the application is for the market, which can further reduce expense and time of product promotion.

After finding their potential buyers, the developers should have marketing team to study about the trend of the application in their related industries. To find the trend, it can be done by selling the application through several application marketplace since several application marketplace could give the rank of which application is the most demanded by market. By smartly studying the trend in each marketplace, developers can enrich their application with figures that is most demanded by users.

One of Android application marketplace called MoboMarket have a really good scoring parameter. MoboMarket prioritizes local application which are made by local developer and help their distribution to national scale. MoboMarket uses a specific logarithm searching engine that could offer the most suitable suggestion for their users. Not only just selling local applications, MoboMarket also ensured the quality and security of application, making sure they are free from both virus and malware.

Recently, MoboMarket held a competition named “Finding Top 50 Local Apps” which finding the best Android based application from all over Indonesia and as a way to socialize about their existence in Indonesian mobile apps industry.