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21 Mar

Ladies out there, go out and do it, because you can!

Veritrans Indonesia

by Veritrans Indonesia


Another thought provoking article, this time from DailySocial! I came across this article earlier today, and I can only say how impressed I am with the movement of women here in Indonesia:

Since Kartini fought for women's rights decades and decades ago, I can say women have enjoyed the freedom we were never exposed to previously. Well, to some extent, since I was not born yet during her time. Anyway, I could only imagine living during that era and had everything limited just because of my gender. Such a shame, huh.

But now, we can see how much women catch up in the modern society. Look at female figures in politics, we have had a female President governing the country previously. Look at the amount of female with executive positions in top companies, they are everywhere. The article from DailySocial excites me about how much more women can do.

Women have always been a lucrative segment to be targeted in the market. We can say we are impulse buyers, right ladies? Admit it. I am. I am a very weak impulse buyer, and I am not afraid to admit it. I got lured because of the big red SALE sign, and I make purchases even though I don't really need them. First world problem.

To think of it, major businesses especially corporate retailers are all led by male executives, it's like they have an insight of female shoppers' behaviors and preferences. Do they? Well, maybe. But wouldn't it make more sense if female executives are behind them?

Some women choose to do it differently though. Instead of working for a company, they start one. I can come up with lots of successful businesswomen who have decided to do so and are now running a major business in online industry alone.

You want to know who are they? Stay tuned for the next blog entry time! ;)