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27 Jun

Jakarta Great Online Sale 2014, an Interesting Stimulus to Induce Online Shopping.

Veritrans Indonesia

by Veritrans Indonesia


Hello again everyone! June is almost over. This month so many good news especially for female shopper since there are so many discounts out there. Uniquely, this time, the discount is not only given offline, but online store also starts to join this discount event. So it’s a good news for all of us who loves online shopping!

To celebrate the 487th birthday of Jakarta, 21 ecommerce companies gathered giving discount with theme Jakarta Great Online Sale 2014. This is the second time after similar event done last year. JGOS 2014 is held on 20th – 30th June 2014. For ecommerce companies, JGOS is a stimulus to induce online shopping in Indonesia.

According to research done by Google Indonesia, TNS and idEA, it is indicated that 1 out of 2 persons who have never shopped online, will shop online in the next 12 months. Moreover, 83% of non-recent shoppers (people who did not shop online during the last 6 months) can be influenced to shop online through online exposure.
Discount Party is one of many ways to induce those group of people to shop online. With current rapid growth, it is targeted that the value of e-commerce market in Indonesia could reach USD 25 billion in 2016.

E-commerce players of course do not want to lose the competition against their counterpart in offline market who gives discounts in department store in Jakarta. Special price offers in internet will make people feel how beneficial shopping through internet and get their necessities be delivered exactly to in front of their house. Founder of Berrybenka, Jason Lamuda as one of JGOS participant, this time indicated in their press release “The rapid growth of e-commerce in 2014 can be seen through additional participants up to 100% percent in this year JGOS. Similar to last year event, our purpose is to socialize the convenience of shopping online. Currently, not only Jakarta people who could enjoy this discount, but people from outside Jakarta or even abroad also could enjoy it. No limitation in online shopping and this is the superiority of shopping online”.

On the contrary, the Founder of Bilna, Ferry Tenka said “Customer’s enthusiasm toward online champaign is high recently. With the presence of Jakarta Great Online Sale on 20th-30th July 2014, customers are spoiled with 21 e-commerce websites that compete to give best offering. I’m sure this year we will all receive more feedback from customers compared to last year Jakarta Great Online Sale”.

E-commerce companies that participate in Jakarta Great Online Sale 2014 are not only from fashion and beauty products categories, but also from online magazine, educational product, food order or even hotel, restaurants and flight tickets reservation categories. Additional discount also available if purchase is done through Line shopping and using BNI credit cards.