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17 Oct

Indosat Launch Batikology as the First Batik Digital Portal in Indonesia

Veritrans Indonesia

by Veritrans Indonesia


Hello everyone! Yay, weekend is in the corner. This time, the topic is a bit different, it’s about batik, Indonesian traditional cultural fabric.

As eCommerce develops, Indosat becomes more watchful toward digital world. After Indosat supported Indonesian technology startup ecosystem while developed their own eCommerce platform, simultaneously with the celebration of National Batik Day on 2nd October, Indosat has just launched digital portal called Batikology. According to the name, this portal filled with interesting content in relation to Batik, in purpose to make batik more popular globally.

As a form of support toward Indonesian cultural heritage, Batikology was developed as a user generated content (UGC) based portal which automatically invite all users to directly contribute in the introduction of batik to global world through online portal. This portal is claimed to be the first portal in Indonesia who concern about the conservation of batik.

“The launch of Batikology portal digital is a way for us to express nationalisms and our love towards the country. Moreover, Batikology is the first batik user generated content in Indonesia and in the world. We also feel proud to be able to become a part of batik conservation in Indonesia as one of Indonesian cultural heritage. We accomplish this by giving batik donation to support the improvement of batik industry in Indonesia” said Alexander Rusli, President Director & CEO of Indosat, during press conference.

In order to smoothen their mission, Batikology relies on three main figures, they are Batik Spot which allows users to recommend their favorite batik seller to their friends by using check-in function. Secondly, Batiknowledge as a figure to share knowledge about batik, starting from various type of batik to tips about wearing batik which is maybe useful to other users. Lastly, Batik Gallery figure which allow users to show off their photos with batik theme.

Besides those three main figures, Batikology also provides shortcut to page ilovebatik.org. This separated site filled with further information about Indosat support in improving Indonesian batik. In this site, knowledge about batik can be monitored and a support via tweet can be given as well.

Although Batikology was not developed as a business site, the presence of Batikology clearly add one Indosat portfolio in starting digital world as one of their business development focus. Interestingly, Indosat often do local approach such as eCommerce cipika store which is owned by them and sell local products as well as Batikology which also use original Indonesian theme.