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06 Jun

Indonesian Waste Nine Hours Daily on Consumer Electronic Products

Veritrans Indonesia

by Veritrans Indonesia


Hi everyone! It’s nice to meet you again. This time is still about Indonesian, but rather than about ecommerce industry, this post is more about general consumer products. For the complete story, you can check out: http://dailysocial.net/post/penduduk-indonesia-habiskan-sembilan-jam-setiap-harinya-gunakan-perangkat-consumer-electronics

Research done by Millward Brown AdReaction revealed that Indonesian is ranked as one of the top countries in term of electronic product consumption with 9 hours daily. In general, smartphone is the most common product used. According to research which involve population who aged 16-44 years old in 30 countries, Indonesian waste 540 minutes (9 hours) in total everyday for accessing television (132 minutes), computer (117 minutes), smartphones (181 minutes) and tablets (110 minutes). For television, smartphones, and tablet segments, total time wasted by Indonesian occupied big five position.
Somehow, this high number of usage of consumer electronic devices supports the development of ecommerce industry in Indonesia.

Population from developing countries dominates the top list. Unites States is the only advanced country which listed in top ten list. Population in Philippine, China, Brazil and Vietnam is on the next list after Indonesia with 8 hours of electronic product consumption daily.
As a comparison, United States population on average waste 444 minutes (7.4 hours) for the same activities, whereas Japanese only waste 343 minutes (5.7 hours). Smartphone and tablet usage is factor that makes Indonesia winning this survey, although many other surveys found that Indonesian activities on those electronic devices are for the sake of social media rather than for business.

What’s interesting is the fact that the usage of consumer electronic products by population in developing countries tend to be higher than the usage in advanced countries. Several advanced countries in West Europe, Canada, Japan and South Korea are in the bottom level of this survey.

Issue that become anomaly is the existence of India at the bottom of top 10 list. Although the usage of internet in India increase significantly, it turns out that the usage of computer and tablet is still low. Using the assumption that there is large economic gap in India, the number of computer devices and tablets ownerships is low and replaced by smartphone which is cheaper.

This survey indicates the high interest in the utilization of electronic devices, especially those that are related to internet consumption and in developed countries so that global player strategy to increase its presence in these countries is the right thing to do. The challenge is how this global player can convert the traffic into monetization, given the low conversion rate on average in these developing countries.