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10 Oct

Indonesia is now Second Biggest Market for Line with 30 million Registered Users

Veritrans Indonesia

by Veritrans Indonesia


Hello all! It’s been a busy week. This time, the article is about one of the most recent popular messenger called Line messenger.

Line is a Japan-based messaging application. Per September 12th, it announced its breakdown of registered number of users in its top countries and the result showed that there are currently 30 million registered Line users in Indonesia. This number is an increase of 10 million from the number of registered users in April.

Indonesia is now become Line’s second biggest market outside its native country, Japan. The web giant behind Line, NHN, has been promoting this app hardly in Indonesia by regularly holding mobile competitions such as Lucky Chance and Lucky Price, which allow users to buy gadgets or even a car through mini games. Moreover, Line also often broadcasts advertisements through Indonesian TV and radio.

Another factor that support the popularity of Line is their DIY sticker shops. The company report that due to that stickers, they can hit JPY 1.23 billion in sales for three months. Although that amount is still a small fraction of LINE’s overall revenues, which is US$177 million reported from April to June 2014, it still shows remarkable growth. Line has allowed their registered users to create their own sticker since last February. In one and a half month, there were already 30,000 million sticker sets created and it generated revenue for JPY 150 million (US$1.47 million).

Users that create stickers are likely to grow in popularity. There are currently 149,000 creators registered in 124 countries and that number is predicted to rise in the future. Last year, Line sold its in-house and sponsored stickers at a rate of US$10 million per month.

In Indonesia, Line is currently among the top 10 money-making apps on both Google Play and iTunes. Line’s games such as Let’s Get Rich and Pokopang are also money-making application. Line has 490 million registered users all around the world and Indonesia contributes to more than 5% of their users. Currently, Line is competing with WhatsApp, KakaoTalk, BeeTalk, Viber, BlackBerry Messenger, and WeChat in Indonesia.