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28 Nov

Groupon Indonesia wants to be “Top of Mind” for Lifestyle eCommerce in 2015

Veritrans Indonesia

by Veritrans Indonesia


Hello everyone! November is almost end and December is coming. Yay! Holiday and festive season is coming. Today we will talk about one of our merchants, Groupon Indonesia.

During a press conference about eCommerce and The Rise of Mobile, CEO and Country Head of Groupon Indonesia, Indrasto Budisantoso confessed that they want to be top of mind for lifestyle segment in 2015. Moreover, mobile site also become their focus since the amount of access to Groupon via mobile in 2014 is higher than the access via desktop.

Indastro explained as a mobile-first country, SIM card ownership in Indonesia is 112% higher compared to bank account ownership, furthermore, credit card is traditionally the most general payment method in eCommerce world in developing countries. Since the amount of access through mobile device is relatively high, eCommerce business should start thinking of making mobile site of their website in order to boost their sales.

According to Indrasto, the problems that are faced by Indonesian eCommerce industry, are classic, they are trust and payment issues. Groupon itself has several payment methods in order to accommodate Indonesian eCommerce issues which is quite unique. Indrasto said that Groupon is currently dominant in term of deals segment in Indonesia, although he refused to confess their real number of sales.

Groupon Indonesia stated that 2014 is the first year in which the access through mobile is higher compared to access via desktop, especially during working hours. Indrasto is sure that that percentage will always increase, followed by the decrease of mobile device’s price and the increase in quality of mobile technology.
Groupon will soon launch their newest version of mobile application in iOS platform and Android in order to increase consumer experience in shopping deals.

Indrasto also emphasized that Groupon will focus on lifestyle segment in 2015. “There will be a lot of fun in 2015. We’ll focus on lifestyle eCommerce. In our vision, we want everyone that thinking of lifestyle or hanging out, the first thing appears in their mind is Groupon. Why? Because Groupon provides the most complete hanging out local vouchers. We also provide several lifestyle related products.” said Indrasto.

In addition, he added “Groupon also provide variably traveling packet that we already make sure that the packet is in accordance with taste of people in our lifestyle segment. Our segment is defined for people from early 20s until late 30s. These are segment that will become our target in 2015”.