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22 Aug

Find Out Online Shop Fraudster through Online Police Application

Veritrans Indonesia

by Veritrans Indonesia


Hello! Yay, weekend is in the corner. This time, the topic is a bit uncommon, but it is indeed a serious issue that needs to be solved in Indonesia.

As it is generally known that the growth of E-commerce industry in Indonesia is proportional to the growth of cyber crimes. Some people take advantages from other people’s carelessness by creating fake online shop. This crime is the main factor that initiates Online Police Application which is able to help society to check about the real existence of online shop.

This Police Online Application is also available in android platform for the sake of ensuring police’s commitment in eradicating crimes. By using this application, users could simply enter the name of online shop to discover their existence. Online Police will filter the list of online shops by checking the name as close as possible or using exact similar query inputted.

Besides doing name searching, users also could manually explore the online shop using directory that have been reviewed by Online Police. Through this figure, users could directly sort whether the online shop is trustworthy or not. The list of online shops are sorted based on alphabetical order which is expected to simplify the searching process. However, this figure still often experiences crash although the developer of this application claimed that they has recovered all the fault in the application.

Online shops that has been reviewed will be published as either trustworthy or fraudster. Online Police do the analysis based on a sequence of scoring process toward the online shop. Online Police assume that the reliability of an online shop can be accessed by using the shop’s address, price, reliable testimonial, originality of contact and way of description. In fact, there are still so many aspects that needs to be considered. How about if the online shops that are recommended by Online Police are fraud? Online Police themselves declare that if that happens, it is outside their responsibility, however they are ready to help solving that matter if needed.

Online Police application itself comes in a very simple look. Without an amazing design and all the letters used is typed in capital, which make this application looks boring. The developer does not really care about the design since the main purpose of this application is to enable society to check whether an online shop is trustworthy or not. It is recommended that users should be aware to Online Police’s review and should consider deeply before shopping at uncommon online shops. Last but not least, beware before you shop in uncommon online store!