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11 Jul

BerryKitchen, A New Healthy Food Catering in Indonesia

Veritrans Indonesia

by Veritrans Indonesia


Hello again everyone! Time flies and it's Friday again. Almost all our post is about technology, startups and our merchants. This time, the product it sold is a bit unusual, it sells food product, interesting yet new concept of selling. Here is BerryKitchen, which is founded by Cynthia Tenggara.

BerryKitchen is a startup catering ecommerce company, they serve catering, bento box and even snacks like macarons, interesting right? Eventhough the company is still in startup phase, they have already received funding from Angel Investor Network Indonesia (ANGIN). Through a press conference, it is published that ANGIN release seed funding to BerryKitchen for about IDR 500 million.

BerryKitchen offers online catering service in the form of daily menu, bento set and even snacks. Their service offer a highly various food for lunch, dinner or even tea break. Consumers can choose by themselves depending on their taste. On daily basis, BerryKitchen offer more than 15 new menu choices which can be combined. All order is done online through their website. Besides catering, BerryKitchen also provides information about delicious recipes and favorite eating venues. A high variety of catering packet can be ordered and delivered at the same time, the menu is highly diversified starting from Chinese, Indonesian and Western food. All are made from premium ingredients and the recipes are suitable to be ordered for public event and personal needs.

As an organization, ANGIN gathered success women entrepreneurs in Indonesia and have mission to provide funding and build competent for startup companies that were established by Indonesian women or at the very least, one of the co-founder is woman. ANGIN’s decision to invest in BerryKitchen is based on unique proposition value that BerryKitchen contribute to market and supported by a strong management team that BerryKitchen has.