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20 Jun

Berrybenka Expands its Market to Muslim Women by Launching Hijabenka

Veritrans Indonesia

by Veritrans Indonesia


Hello everyone! This time is about one of our biggest merchant, Berrybenka.com who just launch their new clothing line, Hijabenka. Berrybenka, women fashion ecommerce, on Wednesday (4/6/14) officially launch their new Muslim fashion ecommerce called Hijabenka. Hijabenka provides fresh and fashionable Muslim clothing. Various Muslim clothes are offered, including classic style clothes starting from shirt, dress, skirt till scarf and accessories.

After they got serial B funding from Transcosmos inc for US$ 5 million last year, Berrybenka have planned to expand their fashion categories. They execute this expansion by making own website for Hijabenka instead of adding sub categories to their main website. One month before the launching, Hijabenka have already made selling through their web and as it is said by their CEO, Jason Lamuda, the total sales at that time have already achieved 3 percent of Berrybenka’s total sales and he expects 20-30 percent additional sales from this launching.

Muslim clothing has good business potential in Indonesia since there will be a movement in fashion industry that propagated Indonesia as Muslim fashion icon of the world in 2020. Creative industry in Indonesia has been proven to significantly contribute toward country’s income. In 2013, Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Mari Elka Pangestu, declared that creative economy contributes IDR 642 trillion.

Another indicator that becomes success key is the recent development of hijab community that struck religion based tradition and allow Islamic to wear fashionable Muslim clothes. Indonesia possesses huge market for this industries, including creative mind and raw materials. Based on result from Press conference in Dubai in 2013, the global market potential of Muslim clothes reached 1.6 million. Moreover, Berrybenka has become the biggest channel distribution form local brand and local designer and thus, it would be easier for them to become channel distribution for local brand and designer that specialty in Muslim clothes through Hijabenka. Up until now, they have already had partnership with 150 local brand designers and they targeted to have 300 brand partnership by the end of this year.

Hijabenka opens for new local brand and new designers who are still in start-up phase and maybe do not have enough budget to make boutique or online shop. They only charge the brand if selling transaction occurring.

Hijabenka was also intentionally launched near Idul Fitri day when the demand for Muslim clothes is higher than anytime of the year. The presence of Hijabenka increase competition in Muslim clothes ecommerce industry dynamically. Hijabenka will now compete with Muslim clothes ecommerce as well such as HijUp.

Their marketing strategy is by giving discount and other offerings such as 10 days refund facility, free delivery and cash on delivery for minimum purchase of IDR 300,000. Lily Suryani, CMO of Berrybenka also add that Hijabenka will have partnership with Hijab community and give their supports to hijab community event. Another alternative is by collaborating with Muslim fashion designers, so that they are willing to use Hijabenka as their distribution channel and thus, highly diverse Muslim clothes model can be found in Hijabenka.