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05 Sep

“Seeing Comparison” still Dominates Online Shopping in Indonesia

Veritrans Indonesia

by Veritrans Indonesia


Hello again everyone! It’s September already. Keep the spirit up guys! As usual, this article is talking about a popular trend in Indonesian online shopping.

The rapid development of devices that can connect through internet induce people in South East Asia to shop online. Buyer look for information before they buy the product or service that they need. A global survey done by Nielsen Company found out that shopping online in several countries in South East Asia including Indonesia is still dominated by looking for price and product comparison.

The shopping behavior pattern in several countries makes this survey become even more unique. It is discovered that Philippines, Vietnamese and Singaporean tend to shop directly via online, while consumers in Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand tend to use internet just for the sake of checking the details of the product and comparing price. And after internet comparison, they still do the transaction in the store based on reference that they got from internet. Due to this happening trend in Indonesia, digital marketing strategic is effective in Indonesia.

Overall, travel services such as flight ticket and tour/ travel services are items that are most ordered through online by people in South East Asia, similar to demand for event tickets such as film, live show, exhibition and sport competition. Singapore occupies the first position globally in term of booking travel service online. Nielsen Company predicts that approximately 7 out of 10 Singaporean plan to buy flight ticket and book tour and hotel through internet in the next 6 months.

Consumers in South East Asia looks not quickly satisfied with service provided by online retailer. They often use third party application as a platform to bring an easier online shopping experience such as shopping list application and discount notification application which become quiet trendy lately in South East Asia, especially Thailand and Vietnam. Therefore, many online stores put advertisement in these kind of applications.

This positive development towards online shopping should be justified with the security of online shopping. In Indonesia, the security of credit card information is still questionable by consumers. Talking about devices used for online shopping, PC is still dominant in South East Asia, even though the usage of smartphone and tablet is increasing. The usage of smartphone and tablets is indeed one of those factors which support the development of online shopping, especially due to their quick connectivity.